Sunday, 13 September 2015

Brands That Reward You For Recycling

Recycling is, in of itself, its own reward. However, it's always nice to get positive affirmation - especially when it comes in the form of free stuff from your favourite brands! There are several fashion and beauty brands that offer rewards schemes for recycling their products and as I'm passionate about recycling, beauty and fashion, I thought I'd share them with you so that you, too, can get on board!


Lush probably has the most famous or well-known of these schemes. If you bring back five clean black pots, you get a free fresh face mask. They also take in their other containers, such as spray bottles, for recycling though you won't get anything in exchange for these. I actually did this for the first time recently and got the Catastrophe Cosmetic mask in return for my empties.



Kiehl's have a similar scheme where you can bring back ten clean full-size empties and get any travel collection item. While this one seems like very little reward, it's still better than merely recycling normally and getting nothing at all so it's worth tucking away empties for a later date!

At M.A.C., if you bring back six primary packaging containers, you can get a free lipstick of your choice.


For clothing, H&M take in pieces for recycling and sometimes offer vouchers to be used instore in return and Skunkfunk have a scheme where one bag of clothing will warrant a €5 voucher to be spent in the store. Some charity shops also give instore vouchers for items donated and Oxfam, in particular, gives a voucher to be used in M&S when you donate old M&S items. In fact, you can also donate items directly to collection boxes in M&S, if that's handier!


Now you know! Makes recycling seem less of a chore, right?

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