Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Little Gem West Coast Edition: Spa Sula

Firstly, apologies for the radio silence over the past week. I went on holidays with my family to Westport on the west coast of Ireland and it was both the first family holiday we'd had in three years and the most time off I'd had from everything in quite some time. I was keeping up appearances on Instagram though because I'm pretty addicted to it.

Over the course of said holidays, however, the blog was firmly in mind and I have lots of posts planned and ready to go. In fact, I have far too much material for posts. For the first time (and I realise it's a silly complaint) I've gotten too many samples and projects going on so you'll have to bear with me. Good things to come, I promise!

While on holidays, my sister, mother and I popped into the spa in town that came very, very highly recommended while my brother and father went schlepping up Croagh Patrick (a mountain that has so steep a gradient, it's basically vertical - no, thanks to that). I was so impressed, I thought I'd let you all in on this little gem.

Spa Sula is located on the grounds of the Westport Plaza Hotel, just on the edge of Westport town. Opened in 2008, it is one of the most popular spas on the West coast and its facilities are really second to none. I've been to a few spas now and have to say that this building was, hands down, the most impressive so far.

In addition to treatment rooms, there is a thermal suite with rock pool, steam room, sauna, aroma grotto, tropical showers and more. Our appointments were the first of the day so we enjoyed these facilities after our treatment but you are normally ushered in there first. It's suggested that you leave yourself up to an hour to get the most out of the suite before your treatments.

We all got the Sula Taster which, at seventy euro, is a serious bargain. Lasting 55 minutes, this package includes a back, shoulder and neck massage followed by an express facial and then time in the thermal suite in addition. Both the facial and massage were some of the best I've ever had with the facial probably actually being the absolute best I've ever had.

The relaxation room, too, that I was steered towards after my treatments and into which I melted in a happy heap, was amazing. Peaceful with dimmed lighting and amazing big canopied beds to lie out on with an apple juice as Anna (my sister) and I chatted quietly until Mammy was done.

In the thermal suite we tried everything but I most enjoyed the aroma room which misted brine and mint into the air making me feel like I was in mermaid's lair and soothing my vaguely asthmatic lungs.

I was seriously impressed by Spa Sula, would recommend it to anyone and really, really want to go back.

Bonus: I misplaced a silly little mood ring in the shape of a Claddagh which I had bought alongside matching rings for my mother and sister. It's not worth anything but I was quite upset about losing it and the girls at the Spa helped me find it and were super-lovely, despite how annoying I must have been!








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