Thursday, 2 July 2015

REVIEW: Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt

I normally review a very select number of products, mostly things I've been sent, as I never want to flood my blog overly with them. Usually these are planned, carefully considered things but I was so struck by this scent that I had to talk about it.

Scent is interesting. So evocative. So subjective.

Since Wood Sage and Sea Salt was launched last year, it's been popular. In fact, it was after the umpteenth blogger I like raved about it, it was on my "must smell" list.

Said smelling occurred just yesterday. And I was genuinely haunted. All night and day, I thought I could smell it everywhere, despite the fact that I had sprayed it on a tester and not my skin. Yet, it followed me all the same.

Which is how I found myself buying it today.

I normally hum and haw over perfume as I'm so picky and do months of research and consideration before buying but I really was a woman possessed. In fact, I'm aware that this review is probably shite, it's more of a rant and so personal.

If we're talking nitty-gritty, Jo Malone scents are on the expensive side but some things are worth spending a little more. The packaging is the usual for the brand but chic and timeless, why mess with a good thing, right? It's also cool that all their fragrances can be mixed and used together to create unique cocktails of scents that are all your own.

The main ingredients are ambrette seed, sea salt and sage, red algae and grapefruit and it's a marine, musky fragrance with notes of citrus and salt that really does evoke being by the sea. I adore being covered in the smell of the ocean and having surf tousled hair so this is like permanently having just stepped out of the water. In fact, it does the job a little too well and has me aching to move off to a little cottage by the sea on my own with only a book and music to keep me company...if only.

Starting at €50.00 for the 30ml bottle it is available online and in department stores around the globe. In Ireland, it is most readily available at Brown Thomas and in the airport standalone.

Have any of you guys tried it? What do you think?





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