Thursday, 22 January 2015

Seriously Super Smoothie

So, today I'm, again, doing something a little different on the blog. I've done a recipe just once before as part of a DIY with visually underwhelming but satisfactorily tasty results. That was more of a "give it a go" post but this is a "I know this is good" post. And it's my own invention. It's my matcha smoothie that's tasty, healthy and a serious energy-boost for the start of your day.

Here's what you'll need.


1 Banana
1 tbsp of Chia Seeds
1 glass of Orange Juice (Not from Concentrate is best)
2-3 tbsp of Natural Yoghurt
2-3 handfuls of berries
A teeny, tiny amount of Sweet Matcha

1. Chuck the juice in the blender first followed by the yoghurt.



2. Peel, break up and throw in the banana. Add the berries and Chia seeds (AN: Full of nutrients, antioxidants, protein, fibre and other good stuff).


3. The next thing is what makes this smoothie special. Matcha was all over the place recently in its traditional form served in a matcha bowl at sixty degrees for immediate consumption and as a tea latte or teapuccino for a more pleasurable experience. While I love and utterly believe in the boost in energy that matcha (a powered green tea from Japan) can give (i.e. it's how I pleasantly survived a day in work after finishing my thesis and only getting two hours sleep), I just don't enjoy it. I don't think I ever will. However, thrown into this smoothie, you get all the benefits without the overpowering flavour. I chose to use sweet matcha as its flavour is less intense than the regular variety but, be warned, it's not actually very sweet. The rest of the ingredients here pull together so that you don't even notice the matcha. You need the tiniest amount, a matcha spoonful or a thin layer of a teaspoon. Don't heap loads in!


Also, it will go everywhere. There is no avoiding this with matcha.


5. You can probably tell that my fruit is frozen from the picture above. I like to do this to preserve the fruit for longer for use but also so the smoothie is chilled without the need to add ice. It does mean you have to blend the crap out of it to make sure everything is liquefied but it's worth it!


And then you get this delicious beast! A great breakfast - filling, tasty, relatively good for you and with a caffeine kick!

What do you think? Up for giving it a try?

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  1. I have been loving smoothies since the new year started (all down to a healthy kick) so i'll definitely be trying this one x