Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Hallowe'en Makeup - Geisha.

So, here's a costume idea I had. I bought this beautiful kimono jacket (below) in Topshop a couple years ago. It's real silk and surprisingly warm. One of the most beautiful things I own but rather difficult to style without being costumey - therefore, a perfect costume!  The makeup and hair are all that is needed to complete the look. For the hair I went with a loose topknot, more modern, less authentic and complex - inspired by the looks below. The makeup is simple and, again, inauthentic but approaching the original and recognisably mimicking it. 

The makeup needs little explanation but here's the step-by-step anyway!

1. Apply foundation as per. On top of this add a layer of white powder. I used an eyeshadow with some shine in it for a glittery, bright effect. 

2. Fill in the brows for a strong look and add a thick, graphic line along the top lid to make the eyelashes look thicker. 

3. Apply blush to the cheekbones in bright splashes - this look is all about contrasting white skin with swatches of colour.

4. Paint the lips red. I recommend using a lip brush to apply red lipstick in order to get a solid, bright effect.

5. Sweep pink eyeshadow from the corners of the eyes up to the end of the brow. You'll need several layers to build effect depending on the shade you have. 

And there you have it! The colours looked more striking in person but I think you can definitely see where I was going with it!

PS I don't know why I have so many more hallowe'en posts this year...everyone seems to be going crazier for it this year and I've been pulled into the madness!

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